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Bella Coola, British Columbia

by Susie Lee

Odegaard Falls is one of British Columbia’s tallest waterfalls. Although it has not been officially measured, it is reported to stand over 900-feet tall. I would only recommend visiting this area if you have a four-wheel-drive-vehicle as the roads leading to the falls are steep and bumpy. The drive up was beautiful as the sun was rising, illuminating the side of the mountain. I stopped every once in a while to capture Kodak moments of the backcountry scenery. I admired Odegaard Falls from the lookout view. The drop from the granite cliff was impressive. This natural spectacle is the result of the glacial snow and ice melt from the mountains above.

At the beginning of the trail to Odegaard Falls, I saw the Nusatsum River flow down a steep and narrow canyon. The trails are well maintained and easy to walk on because of the soft wide peat moss path and small creek crossings. Walking through the old-growth temperate rainforest was energizing and peaceful. It was also extremely educational to have Fraser from Kynoch Adventures as my guide. As a biologist he pointed out many interesting plant life including blueberry bushes, Devil’s Club, various types of mushrooms, hemlock, cedar and balsam trees.

Two miles down the trail I reached the base of the falls. I stood on the wooden bridge and took pleasure in seeing the waterfalls up close. The falls sounded so powerful yet soothing as they filled the air with spray. If you are ever in the Bella Coola area, don’t leave without seeing this impressive waterfall.


  • Wear hiking boots or runners
  • Bring a pack with water and snacks
  • Bring bear repellent spray
  • Bring a bear bell
  • Keep children close to you
  • Keep pets on a leash
  • Do not leave food or garbage behind



Odegaard Falls

Bella Coola Mountain Lodge (Kynoch Adventures)

1900 Hwy 20, Bella Coola Valley, BC
Tel. 250-982-2298 / Toll Free 1-866-982-2298

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